Welcome to my blog. I am Krunal Sagan.  My educational background includes a Master’s in Engineering Management, a Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering and a Post Graduate Diploma in Wireless Networking. My interest lies in Digital Marketing,  Social Media Marketing, Big Data Analytics, Business Analytics, Innovation Management, Physics, Politics, Current Affairs and Education.

I am not a writer and not trying to be. I just enjoy explaining things to people if I can. If you find anything written here, please be assured that it was written to explain the issue or topic to some friend. Please feel free to criticize as much as you want.

Starstuff is a word coined by Carl Sagan of whom I am a very big fan. This has been my most favorite word and I always wanted to use it in case if I ever created something that needed a name. When I wanted to create a platform to dump my brain trash, it was obvious that I would name my blog something starstuff. So, here we’re reading my brain’s tardness in starstufftard.

As I said, these are simple explanations and not articles. Keeping that in mind, explore the blog, read what you like, comment if you want, give me suggestions and criticize it. I am all ears.



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